Minister Brandon Whitfield - Igniting the flame of the chosen generation
As a local Empowerment Lecturer, Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, Journalist, Conference Host and revivalist  Min. Brandon L Whitfield sits as an Associate minister at Gardner Ministries, with Campuses in Danbury CT, Waterbury CT, Bridgeport CT, and Rockingham NC. Over the last five years, Min. Brandon Whitfield has become a fixture of inspiration, hope and new life and served as an example to men and women around the nation.  With accomplishments including building and sitting as president of a local organization called HIP (Help, Improve, Potential) a community nonprofit organization designed to reach inner city young males and give them strong passionate father figure mentors to help single moms raise young boys into God fearing, creative, and educated men in our society, he has served as youth pastor, revival evangelist and worship leader, as well as a inventive Conference Host, Min. Brandon Whitfield has turned his humble beginnings into an inspirational and philanthropic empire – educating, equipping and empowering people from all walks of life.
Fueled by a passion for character building, life coaching and spiritual rejuvenation, Min. Brandon Whitfield merges spirituality with the practicality of everyday life. His candid and revealing approach has engaged followers all over the east coast provoking them to pursue a lifestyle of integrity, success and happiness. Wherever Min. Whitfield goes, he exhorts, encourages and empowers his listeners to reach their full potential in their personal, entrepreneurial and spiritual lives. Unashamed to use his life as a teaching mechanism, Min. Whitfield’s ‘in your face’ messages have drawn hundreds of men and women of all ages to his services, revivals and events over the last five years , often addressing crowds of 500 - 2000 Min. Whitfield through the leading of the holy Spirit brings a word of hope and deliverance to broken and lost lives.
Min. Brandon Whitfield is the oldest of four siblings. One of which he has never meet. Growing up in and out of foster homes Min. Whitfield began to lead a life of anger and disobedience. Raised by his great Aunt Mrs. Annie L Foster Min. Brandon Whitfield learned early that he was not like the rest. Often times people would refer to him as the little preacher. After being abused physically, mentally, and spiritually while living with his last foster parents, Min. Whitfield's aunt decided to take him out of the foster home and raise him her self. She would soon find out this wouldn't be an easy task, after several suspensions out of school Min. Brandon Whitfield was finally kicked out of all public schools and forced to attend an alternative school. It was there Min. Brandon had a rude awakening. At the early age of 14 Min. Whitfield gave his life back over the the Lord for the second time at the age of 15 he was filled with the holy ghost with the clear evidence of speaking in tongues. At the age of 16 Min. Brandon Whitfield preached his initial sermon drawing hundreds of young people to the house of the Lord to here there peer deliver a message that would ultimately draw 96 youth all under the age of 22 to the alter to make Jesus there Lord and savior. Soon after receiving his ministers license Min. Whitfield with the blessings of his Pastor began to travel the east coast ministering in two - five night revivals. Gaining some notoriety he was installed at youth pastor of Victory Faith Fellowship church (A local multi-cultural non denominational church) under the leadership of his aunt and uncle Pastor Rick Jackson and 1st Lady Sharon Jackson. Shortly after his instillation he began to host holy ghost filled conferences. Bringing speaker's from all over the east coast.
Min. Brandon Whitfield currently resides in Bethel Connecticut and serves as an Associate Minster at Victory Christian Center under the leadership of Apostle Bobby Gardner and Pastor Mary Gardner. He also serves as editor at large over Victory News Times, Worship Leader on Voices of Today, and servant in the Kingdom of God. As he sits close to his Apostle he often says "I want to one day walk in the shoes he stands in, and I want my socks to fall down when I preach JUST like Apostle Bobby Gardner" In addition to his degree in Broadcast journalism Min. Brandon Whitfield is currently pursuing a BA in Marketing and Communications. There is no doubt a call upon this young mans life to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.